Every second week we meet in the Library Bar on Exchequer street to discuss a number of readings we have set ourselves. To encourage new comers to attend and not feel like they are walking into a party half-way through the Buckfast, here is an archive of those readings.


20th November- Anarchist Solutions to Climate Change

“An Anarchist Solution to Global Warming”

“Time for Revolution”

“Climate Change is not Anarchy’s football”

“We have 12 years to limit Climate Change Catastrophe”

“Three Futures: Barbarism UBI Warehousing or Anarchism”


6th November- Anarchism and the Rise of the Populist Right

“Pushing Back the Alt Right” Dublin Anarchist Bookfair discussion

“Towards an Alt-Left: The Anarchist response to Liberal and Neofascist narratives”

“Men in Black: Anarchists, Libertarians and Fascists”

“The Culture of Hate” Chris Hedges

“Antifa mirrors the Alt-right” Chris Hedges

“Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges are wrong” by Isaac Russo


23rd October- Anarchism and Trade Unionism

1) Combative Unionism – Waging Class War Within Labour

2) Unions and Revolution

3) History of the Anarchist-Syndicalist Trade Union Movement

4) Why Workers’ Education? Why trade unions and what’s next?

5) Revolutionary Trade Unionism – The Road to Workers’ Freedom

6) Better than we know ourselves: a ruling class view of the trade unions

7) One Big Union – Industrial Workers of the World


9th October- Post-Anarchism

1) Introduction to Post-Anarchism

2) Anarchy, Power, and Poststructuralism

3) Anarchist Currents in the Newest Social Movement (whichever chapter you want, it’s a great book!)

4) Towards a Politics of Postanarchism (pages 157-174)


5) Post-anarchism Today
6) Philip K. Dick, The Last Of The Masters (Novel)


25th September- Anarchism and Irish Reunification

“Crossing the Border: Class Unity and the Partition of Ireland”

“A Wee Black Book of Belfast”

“Ireland, Nationalism and Imperialism: The Myths Exploded”

“The Partition of Ireland: A WSM Position Paper”

“Nationalisms and anti-Nationalisms in Irish Historiography”

Optional extras:

“A United Ireland? Some Northern Irish Unionists are ready to talk unification” (Channel 4 News piece)

“Brexit and the Irish Border” (Another Channel 4 News piece)

“Could Brexit lead to a United Ireland” (BBC piece)


11th September- Anarchism and the Church

1) Anarchism and Religion: Mapping an Increasingly
Fruitful Landscape- two chapters, 1-18, 18-51.
2) Was Jesus an anarchist?
3) Anarchism and orthodoxy
4) Tax payments to the Church/ Religious instruction in schools
5) Tolstoy and Christian Anarchism

Additional readings
6) Anarchism and World Religions–Anarchism.pdf
7) Christopher Hitchens on the Catholic Church


28th August- Anarchism and Technology

1) Uri Gordon, Anarchism and the Politics of Technology

2) Iain McKay, Technology, Capitalism and Anarchism

3) VIDEO: Data Gueule, episode 63: Left without Knowledge (french video with english subtitles)

4) Gabriel Weinberg, Open-Source Software Is For Activists

5) Kevin Carson, The Stigmergic Revolution

6) Chellis Glendinning, Notes toward a Neo-Luddite Manifesto

7) An Open Letter on Technology and Mediation

– Additional readings:

8) Michael Truscello, The Architecture of Information: Open Source Software and Tactical Poststructuralist Anarchism

9) The Origins of Primitivism (1977–1988)

10) Paul Buckermanns, On Socialist Cybernetics

11) David Fidler, A Theory of Open-Source Anarchy


14th August- The Transition to Anarchism

“The Anarchist FAQ: Does Revolutionary Spain show that Libertarian Socialism can work in practice?”


Gaston Leval’s “Collectives in the Spanish Revolution”, in particular the chapters dealing with the transition to a new social-economic model “Agrarain Socialisation” and “Industry and Public Service”


31st July- Anarchism and Ecology

1) Does capitalism have to be bad for the environment?

2) Corin Bruce, Green Anarchism: Towards the Abolition of Hierarchy

3) Murray Bookchin, Ecology and Revolutionary Thought

4) Appu Ajith, Deep Ecology and Eco Anarchism – A dialogue

5) Earth is on the verge of collapse. Is eco-socialism the only answer?

6) Green Capitalism: The God That Failed

7) VIDEO: Slavoj Zizek: The Delusion of Green Capitalism

– Additional readings:
8) Panagioti Tsolkas, No System but the Ecosystem: Earth First! and Anarchism

9) J Levy, What are the global effects of anarchist lifestyle choices?


17th July- Anarchist Solutions to the Housing Crisis

Introduction to the Irish housing crisis

Anarchist solutions thus far (housing-co-operative 1973,1976 High Court victory of squatters)

International solutions (Berlin squatters)

The Cause, consequence and resistance

Berlin- A very novel approach

Marxist, Socialist Arguments

Porto Alegre and Direct Democracy: enigma or reality? – CiteSeerX › viewdoc › download
Another possible solution is to follow the Porto Allegre model, whereby you have a system of “participatory budgeting”. This would see civilian oversight on the allocation of housing budgets.


3rd July- Anarchism in Rojava

“No. This is a Genuine Revolution” Interview with David Graeber.

“Poor in Means but Rich in Spirit” by Janet Biehl

“The Grim Reality of the Rojava Revolution from an Anarchist Eyewitness”

“I have seen the future and it works” Critical questions for supporters of the Rojava Revolution.

Because this is an important and debated topic i’ll add a few optional extras so as to not be accused of simplifying the issue.

“Rojava: A Revolution of Hope and Healing” by John Restakis

“Anarchist Federation Statement on Rojava”


19th June- Anarchism and Education

“The Emergence of Compulsory Schooling and Anarchist Resistance” by Matt Hern

“Fransesco Ferrer and the Modern School” by Emma Goldman

“The False Principle of Our Education” by Max Stirner

Optional Extra:

“Wikipedia and education: anarchist perspectives and virtual practices” by Petar Jandric


4th June- Anarchism and alternatives to prisons

“The Norwegian Prison where inmates are treated like people”

“Brick by Brick: Creating a World without prisons” (Anarchist alternatives to prisons)

“Scandinavian Exceptionalism in an Era of Penal Excess Part 1”

“Breaking the Cycle” (50 minute documentary)

“Where to Invade Next” (short excerpt about Bastoy Prison in Norway)


21st May- Post-Capitalism


7th May- Debunking Democracy


23rd April- Anarcha-Feminism and Women’s Liberation

Click to access rbr14web.pdf


9th April- Anarchism in Greece

An additional reading for those that are really interested in the subject is: “Greek Anarchists are finding space for refugees in abandoned hotels”


26th March- Anarcho-Syndicalism


12th March- Platformism


26th February- Notes on Anarchism by Noam Chomsky